A Rare Eclipse of the Sun! Monday, April 8 2024

Eclipses of the Sun, where the Moon gets in front of the Sun and blocks its light, are among the most spectacular of natural events. On Monday, April 8, 2024, there will be an eclipse of the Sun visible from all of North America.

Money Moves: Smart Financing Options for Real Estate Investments

The right financing source is key to a successful real estate investment venture. It's the lifeline that fuels your property ambitions and dictates the scale of your pursuit of property expenditure.  From traditional bank loans and private lenders to hard money and investment trusts, a multitude of financing options are at your disposal.

March 2024 Magazine

This month  Barbara Lloyd McMichael writes about a young woman, Raihab Baig, who has taken her passion for exploring healthy beverages to create a thriving business. Nick Licata’s analysis of the Middle East succinctly places the current Gaza Conflict within a historical context. In How NOT to Read the News, Patricia Vaccarino writes about how we can get a reality check to tell what is real from what is not. As always, Time Marches On! Happy March! 


Wake Up

While we are used to hearing that the next election is the most consequential election in history, you can believe it this time because you have only to imagine what consequences will be visited upon those of us who, for example, support the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

How NOT to Read the News

There is something perverse and horrifying about scanning the news on our phones, seeing babies dying in Gaza, juxtaposed next to gossip about celebrities wearing wigs, and an ad for Scope Mouthwash. Dishing up tragedy, trivia and trash in the same screen creates ambiguity, a false take on reality, and it is eroding our consciousness. The news has become a trigger for anxiety, depression, anger, and despair.

Book Review: Not Under Forty

Willa Cather’s hard-to-find collection of essays harkens to a gentler time when ladies of letters shared their access to the pinnacle of culture within the rank and file of their rarefied worlds. 

Mixing Healthful Elixirs with Social Inclusion

In Tacoma, Washington, a 20-something entrepreneur has combined her faith, her culture, her business training and her commitment to healthy living to launch Aafiya Lounge. Currently, Raihab Baig is running her enterprise as an event mocktail catering service, searchable online via Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, but her aspiration is to open a bricks-and-mortar nonalcoholic venue in Tacoma sometime in the next year.

Biden Can Stop the Middle East War from Losing His Election

Nick Licata’s analysis of America’s involvement in the Middle East is clear, cogent and powerful. President Biden must get Democrats to accept that he is being fair to both the Israelis and the Palestinians. And convince independents that he can keep our nation out of war.