Jon Landers

Jon Landers

I am the Founder & CEO of TBAIMS LLC that I started in January of 2013 in New York City. I have been hosting monthly music showcases to support the independent music artists at venues in NYC connecting them with music, entertainment, TV and film industry executives including A&R's.

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My background began with a whole different industry, lawn & garden and hardware. I first helped a British DIY manufacturer get established in the US market back in the mid '70's and did the same for a German horticultural company into the early '80's. I the became a manufacturer's representative in the same industries selling and servicing big box stores like The Home Depot when they first started up. When I left this industry in the late '90's, we had over 40 different product lines in all of the Home Depots from Maine to Virginia with 100 service reps covering them.

I then decided to change careers and started a Graphic Design business which in turn led me to the music industry as a song writer and music promoter.

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