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    Are you Roadkill?

    Cars drive too fast without paying attention to anything in their path. Any time of day or night, we can get struck down like deer running into the road. We don’t knowing where we’re going and we haven’t thought through a strategy. Or we can be paralyzed with indecision. The glare of car headlights can dazzle animals to freeze in the face of danger.

    The glare of car headlights is very much like the clutter of the media and it can stop us in our tracks. From the explosion of digital and social media to the heap of direct mail flooding your mailbox, we don’t know which tools will work for us to help grow our business. We don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to realize our ambition.

    Whether we run right out into the road not knowing where we are going or we stand still in shock, the outcome is always a spectacular bloodletting.

    Our culture of indifference has emboldened us to ignore the mangled bodies on the roads. The number of animals killed in the United States is estimated at a million per day.* We think it can’t happen to us. But people can be roadkill too. We all know people who have been victims of a hit and run, both literally and metaphorically.

    If we’re standing at the crossroads of P.R., social media and community-building, we need to have a strategic plan to move forward. We need to gather the necessary business intelligence from a highly experienced professional to create a road map of where we need to go. We need to know what kind of P.R., marketing, social media and community-building is working and which routes are dead-ends.

    There are forces outside our control that we might not know about. Markets collapse, industries, jobs and sectors become obsolete, the government hands down a new set of complicated regulations, and there are many other circumstances that are unknown to us. All of these forces impact the media- both the stories that make news and the stories that are passed over. There are roadblocks standing in the way between us and our ambition and we need to know where they are located. We don’t want to have to sit in traffic, stall, or take an alternate route. We also don’t want to take a hit and end up as roadkill.

    Have you thought about where you’re going?

    ** Wollan, Malia (12 September 2010). “Mapping Traffic’s Toll on Wildlife”. The New York Times. Archived from the original on 5 November 2011. Retrieved 14 August2013.

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