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    Why should you care about spin? November 10 2014

    In today’s unceasing crush of information, everyone must conduct effective Public Relations (P.R.) to break through the clutter to get heard or to get seen. Building a brand, getting a job, keeping a job, building a business, making sales, increasing sales, winning political elections, getting funding for a business or for an organization, recruiting workers and top talent –all rely on crafting effective spin and getting quality placement in the media. In today’s world, we have too little time and we are inundated with too much information. People must examine how spin can be utilized to serve their own best interests. Regardless of your occupation or your audience, you need to treat the creation of your spin with the same intensity as if you are an entrepreneur who is building a business.

    Everyone is obliged to conduct effective P.R. Becoming savvy about P.R. and utilizing P.R. tools has become critical due to our dependence on technology and the speed in which information is communicated. P.R. is now much more than media relations or community- building. In the new world order, P.R. has become an art form that strategically creates spin in order to get your message to your desired target audience. Here is a bold assertion: by understanding how spin works and by embracing its subtle nuances, you will achieve greater success in business and attain a higher level of critical thinking that will enhance your own life so your thinking is grounded in reality. Ultimately, good P.R. should be designed and managed to get what you want out of life.

    The primary tool used in P.R. is spin. Spin is the best way to take complex information and to distill it into a platform that can be quickly communicated to the audience. Although spin makes it possible to convey complex information quickly, more importantly, it also increases the likelihood that youraudience will understand your information. Sometimes people think because they have jobs they might not need to utilize spin as a P.R. tool to build their brand. It could not be farther away from the truth. If we didn’t utilize spin as great communications tool, we would not be able to tell stories that are timely, compelling and memorable. And most important of all, good spin will get an audience to take some sort of action: buy, sell, vote, give up using plastic bags, support gay marriage or get the green light for a new corporate project. The precise call of action has no limits. Without spin we wouldn’t be able to get people to take action.

    Spin is the subtle layering of facts to establish an emotional connection between the storyteller and the audience. So to some extent, it’s unfair to cast spin in a negative light. Spin allows people, businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations and governments to influence the masses. Spin has been around since the beginning of time and it will never go away so long as there is a need to influence a majority of people. What is unusual about spin in today’s world is the speed in which information is disseminated on a global scale. The other differentiating factor is that so many entities are all spouting spin at the same time, which means the spin you create must be superior. It does not matter what business you are in or of you are in business at all. Whether you are in politics, banking, finance, agriculture, manufacturing, education, technology, the arts, entertainment or charity, you must have a messaging platform, albeit propaganda, and you must spin your story to the world. [Excerpt from the new PR for People® book American Spin] -Patricia Vaccarino

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