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No Longer The Wandering Jew

In 1983 when a small group of Steamboat Springs Jewish families joined together as  Har Mishpacha (Hebrew for “Mountain Family”), it was the beginning of a real identity as a congregation. One of the founding members says, “Many of us felt that we never were the wandering Jews because if you know who you are you are not wandering.”

A Small Western Town that Loves Its Fashion

Frank M. Light and his wife Carrie came along with their seven children in 1905 by stagecoach to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a town famous today for its ski and summer bike and rodeo seasons.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Small Theater

Steamboat Springs, a western Colorado town known for its Olympic skiers and summer bikers, also has an arts theater with a rich past that was built nearly 90 years ago, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Chief Theater, which dates back to 1927, was recently bought from a multiplex movie chain by a group of local residents hoping to revive the spirit of the theater in its heyday. Now a non-profit community...