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Pacific ADR Consulting | The Peacemakers

When Pacific ADR Consulting burst on the scene in 2015, no one could be too surprised.  For years, the company’s founder, Gregg Bertram, was well known in the Seattle legal community as a top-notch mediator who placed high on everyone’s short list. Need a mediator? Gregg Bertram was held by many attorneys as the one to call.

The Joy of a Startup Company

Who in their right mind develops a startup company in a highly competitive field and begins this task in their late 60s?  Me.  Why?  In part because I believe that with my team of talented attorney/neutrals we can do a better job of providing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services than our competitors.  Our competitors are legion and several of them have vast financial resources.  With a shoe string budget and boundless energy, we...