Olga Szwed

Olga Szwed

Fashion Designer and Wardrobe Stylist

Olga's main source of inspiration is her personal connection with clients, but virtually anything can be the seed for a concept, especially nature, history, and architecture. She is a perfectionist, detail-oriented, and very European in her sense of style. Her design philosophy is to incorporate new creative ideas into styles which are sophisticated, glamorous, pleasing to the eye, and flattering to her clients.

Olga’s aesthetic is steadfastly European and heavily influenced by her love of history, architecture, and travel. Having experienced the fashion cultures of Paris, Rome, New York, and Moscow, she brings a directional, cosmopolitan approach to her work. Her innovative design philosophy translates to fresh, chic styles that remain flattering and sophisticated


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Olga Szwed’s life is all about fashion. She designs clothing, including custom-made suits, for private clients. Her couture bridal gowns have a cult following. Meanwhile, she is busily developing her own fashion brand.

Olga’s projects take her to many corners of the fashion world, but her skill and passion for design remain constant. She loves collaborating with clients and is happy help you step up or even reinvent your personal style. Her custom designs make fashion accessible, effortless, and personally rewarding.   

Olga will help you to cultivate individuality through your wardrobe and create a style that articulates your own image. Whether you are conservative or a trend setter, she would take you to the limits of your comfort level. Olga merchandises and coordinates all of the clothing to make dressing effortless for you. When trying to match colors and patterns. she can handle all aspects of your wardrobe, which is an integral part of who you are and the image you are trying to express to the outside world.

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Company Name:
La Belle Reve
BA - Fashion and Merchandising, IADT Seattle WA