The Limits of Presidential Power


In my operational risk seminar this spring, students ranked and then restacked and ranked the top operational risks present in our world.  No one was especially pleased with the results, and the top three risks – cyber-threats, global uncertainty, and terrorism – seemed nearly interchangeable, depending upon the month. As we came to the end of the quarter – particularly with the terrorism acts in Manchester, London, and Tehran -- “global uncertainty” seemed to encapsulate the other two risks, particularly when the elections in France and Great Britain are taken into account along with the performance of the U.S. president on his first diplomatic trip abroad. 

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The Doctrine of Fairness

The Doctrine of Fairness: Where the Justices Meet Justice...For better and worse, our Supreme Court is a political institution and not, despite its trappings, a temple of Olympian detachment -- as the Roberts court has amply demonstrated.  The justices play a deadly serious intellectual game in which they deploy arcane legal reasoning to justify imposing their sometimes highly partisan rulings on the rest of us. 

The Sad Plight of the OxyMorons

The dead man splayed on the sidewalk looks ready to be drawn and quartered like an angus cow. Cops are called to pick him up before his corpse starts to stink. One couple is huddled together on the ground in front of a doorway.  The woman lies on the top of the man and sticks a hypodermic needle into his lip. A young black boy, curled into fetal position, is passed-out under a sleeping bag. His baseball cap has fallen off his head and while he appears to be asleep, there is no way to tell if he’s dead, unless you want to touch him and no one wants to do that. Outside the parking garage, spoons, needles and matches are left on the ground like the remnants of a messy supper.  And this is the wealthy part of town.

Mayor Nicola Smith – Destiny in Action

Nicola Smith entered the realm of politics at a much needed time in American history when we yearn to have true leadership at all levels of government. The city of Lynnwood is fortunate to have her as their Mayor.

On Leadership—This message is for you, yes you

On Leadership—This message is for you, yes you. What is a good leader? This question is too important to ignore.

Victory for Veterans Initiatives

“Mayor Smith’s passion, dedication, and commitment to better serving, honoring, and empowering our military and veteran families is worthy of top praise. Her plans to bring a ‘one-stop’ location at Verdant for those veterans who live in Lynnwood and the surrounding areas to have their needs addressed went from vision to reality – and is a tremendous timesaver and community asset.”  - Mike Schindle, Operation Military Family Cares