Ambition and Wishful Thinking



For many years I’ve mediated thousands of widely varied civil lawsuits.  No matter how diverse the subject matter, wrongful death, real estate, employment or contract, many cases have been fueled by an ambition that is often hard to distinguish from wishful thinking.  Although ambition is usually displayed by the amount of damages sought by plaintiffs and their attorneys, it also regularly appears in the attitude of defendants and their lawyers and insurance claims personnel for different reasons.

Plaintiffs ambitiously chase “justice” having never experienced the difficulty of winning a civil lawsuit.  The most ambitious litigants in this regard are usually the least...

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Innovative Energy and the Law

 New inventions seem to spawn daily in areas such as solar, wind, geothermal, bio-energy, and energy storage.  Over each of the last 5 years, over 3500 United States patents have been granted relative to renewable energy. 

May the Force Be With You

The statistics are staggering – 795 million people – or one in nine people in the world – do not have enough to eat. “I’m just one person, what can I do?” As it turns out, a lot, when given the opportunity to join forces.


Pacific ADR is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) boutique based in Seattle and active throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Commercial Mediation: What is it and how to do it?

What is “commercial” mediation?  Does it differ from “non commercial” mediation and, if so, how?  Most mediations have a clear commercial aspect other than, perhaps, those involving domestic relations and estate disputes.  Even domestic relations, and trust and estate disputes can involve commercial elements to the extent that banks, trust companies or insurance is involved.  

Troy Hunter Joins Pacific ADR Consulting LLC

 A.Troy Hunter has joined Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC as a panel member.  He has developed a reputation for being a creative and highly effective trial attorney for both plaintiffs and defendants in construction disputes, product liability, fire losses, personal injury/wrongful death, and cases involving sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct.