Learning To "See" Light


Whats the purpose in learning studio lighting for portraits?

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T.J. Miller, Cinder Block, and Remembering Joe Rocha

T.J. Miller Spotted Around NY, Cinder Block Pays Homage To Legends, and The Comic Strip Remembers Joe Rocha

PR for People® Book Reviews: AlyBlue Media

This month, we’re dedicating this page not to a single book, but to an entire publishing enterprise that developed out of tragedy eight years ago.

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Kyle Mooney Performed Stand Up as SNL Character Bruce Chandling in Brooklyn This Week

Well-being begins with whole-body mobility

BOOKS: Dynamic Aging – Nutritious Movement founder and biomechanist Katy Bowman...

Canonical and Influential Author-Publishers

The mainstream publishing industry has popularized the stereotype that “self-published” books are inferior to “traditional” ones because the author does not receive an advance and the services provided are less professional. The reality is that the Big Four publishers attained their enormous market share by, at least initially, relying on author subsidies. When advances were paid, they were typically loans that had to be repaid if a book failed to sell a volume of books that would cover the advance.