Wali Collins on A Fish Life

Ever look at a fish in an aquarium? They just swim around with not much direction. Jus content being where they are and accepting their surroundings. This is how their world was, is and always will be.

If you have not tried to go for any of your passions, dreams or desires, and believe that this is the best your life is going to be, you are one of those fish in that aquarium. Just moving around the earth aimlessly until you die. This is your life. YOUR LIFE. You have the power to take yourself out of that small, cramped mental aquarium and place yourself in a big, beautiful deep blue sea of possibilities or opportunities by simply going for your dreams.

Wali Collins is America’s most loved comedian.


Wali Collins

Wali Collins is America's most loved Comedian. He is the first African American to have his own show on Comedy Central.  Wali is a regular at all of the mainstream comedy clubs in New York City and Los Angeles. He headlines and tours at comedy clubs in Europe and Asia. Now Wali has created a popular movement around his book The Y'NEVANO Book of ENCOURAGEMENTS.    

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