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Art is in the eye of the beholder and the passion thereof time and limitless. The same can be said about Brad Twaddle’s immeasurable energy and passion for Dancing and the Arts.

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Giving Grandeur to The Bronx

Giving Grandeur to The Bronx Rhynna M. Santos


Barbi Leifert Showing Art Basel Miami

Barbi Leifert' s work will be part of the True Masters Collection that is presented by Art Bodega Magazine in partnership with L'EXCELLENCE. Exhibit opens Monday, November 30 to Friday, December 4th. Hours 10:30 to 6:00pm. Saturday, December 5th, Hours are by appointment only. This show is part of ART BASEL MIAMI 2015. For more information email or call 305-989-6230 or...

Artist Entrepreneur James ‘SEXER’ Rodriguez

“Success will only come with hard work, perseverance, and being resourceful.” --James SEXER Rodriguez

Making a living as an artist might seem unfeasible, but entrepreneur, James ‘SEXER’ Rodriguez, has managed to make art his life’s work. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the South Bronx, he began dabbling in cartoons as a youngster, but by the age of ten he was exhibiting his work at Gimbel'...

Dance of the Soul

Barbi Leifert’s “Dancer’s Palette” series will be presented by Lanyon 36 Gallery, 365 West 36th between 8th and 9th Avenue, New York, New York 10018. Exhibition Dates September 24 to October 24.

Velvet Geek

Beginning in the homeland of fabric—Kashmir, India—painting on velvet has been around . During the 1970’s velvet painting had reached its ultimate high, that is, until now.

There is a man who is bringing this art form back from the days of dated subjects amongst this beautifully textured...