Anne Corning

Anne Corning

CorningWorks: Marketing Writing & Editing, Content Strategy, Business Plan


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How can you build your reputation and demonstrate thought leadership in your industry?
How do you engage your audience and provide information that matters to them?
How do you gain exposure, generate leads, and convert eyeballs into sales?
How do you foster a dialogue with customers that creates loyal relationships?
With compelling, well-crafted, and relevant content.

CorningWorks provides copywriting, editing, and content marketing that WORKS. We’ve helped Fortune 1000 firms, small businesses, and non-profits understand their customers, target the right segments, and wield the power of the written word to communicate their value to the marketplace across all platforms and channels.

Our seasoned professionals have proven success at strategic marketing, research, and writing, including:
~ White papers, case studies, and ghost-written articles
~ Marketing brochures and product specs
~ Business plan development and writing
~ RFP/Proposal management
~ Content marketing strategies and execution
~ Messaging
~ Website content and blogs
~ Email campaigns and social media 
~ Surveys and secondary market research

With a special talent for translating complex technical, scientific, and engineering topics into clear and accessible prose, we've provided consulting, writing, and project services for organizations in the high tech/IT, engineering, healthcare/medical, construction, finance, legal, data center, telecommunications, manufacturing, agriculture, and consulting sectors. 

If you have a jumble of ideas or a patchwork of drafts, we excel at organizing and honing them into sharp and effective materials that deliver results. We'll take information from your subject matter experts and translate it into "human" for the rest of the marketplace.

Clients include: McKesson, Skanska, Microsoft, UW Medical Center, Seattle Children's Hospital, Hitachi Consulting, Byndoo, Jetstream Software, Uptime Institute, Providence Medical Technologies, Adaptive Energy, and more.

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