Beauty & the Law

Sooner or later (and sooner is almost always better), every growing apparel line or beauty company decides to step up their business by expanding their current brand and creating a whole new line of products.  Here are some things to consider: 

The Entity.  If you haven’t already formed an LLC or a corporation to own intellectual property and to conduct business, then now would be a good time. It is a good idea to conduct any...

Beauty is in the Context of the Beholder

Recently, I had the experience of showing up for Shady’s vet appointment on the wrong day. When the receptionist said Saturday at 10:30, I immediately thought the Saturday that was 2 days away. Unfortunately, she meant the Saturday that was a week and 2 days away. What was missing from this exchange was the context of a date. I now know to confirm appointments with: “I will be there on Saturday, January 26,” so that both parties are on the...

Sister Who?

Pope Francis travels the world commingling with the common folk. His every smile and ceremonial laying of hands iscaptured in all forms of media. The Pope has stated in numerous press conferences that women could have a greater role in the church. But the Pope has also made it abundantly clear that...

‘Nostra Aetate,’ 50 Years Later

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Church’s “Nostra Aetate,” a document declaring the church’s relationship to other religions. All of us, on occasion, wonder how other people view the religion we were born into. Thus, “Nostra Aetate” is of great interest to non-Catholics, including the Jews. Greatly influenced by the moral complexities of the Holocaust, the document forswears, in part four, the centuries...

Waiting for the Big One

Author’s note: In July 2015, I was in a media conference in New York City and when one of the participants learned I was from Seattle, he looked at me and said, You’re toast!  I didn’t know what he has talking about until he referred to the article in The New Yorker magazine, The Really Big One by Kathryn Schulz that convincingly asserts an earthquake will destroy a vast portion of the coastal Northwest. 

A good way to sell magazines is by inciting high voltage fear that scares readers to death. Even though I’m a seasoned P.R. professional, who understands how well scary spin increases magazine sales, I too can succumb to electrifying fear when the probability of disaster strikes close to home.

Full Disclosure: I do live in Seattle with my husband and we also own a home on the Oregon coast in Manzanita that is located in the heart of the subduction zone. The signs we see on the Pacific Coast Highway 101 clearly note when we are entering the Tsunami zone.  Since 2003 we’ve lived here and while there is plenty of grave geologic certainty that this part of the world is marked for a natural disaster, the exact timing of death and destruction also invites a spiritual exploration where all roads inevitably point to “Waiting for the Big One.”

Jailbreak is all about you, guys!

Edgy new men’s apparel brand Jailbreak is the brainchild of designer Madina Vadache and her partner and CEO Roman Levitsky. Jailbreak is loosely defined as the ultimate T-shirt experience.

Jailbreak embodies casual luxury and gives a voice to the men of this world who want to make their own fashion statement and who don’t just want to be the dudes who pay their wives’ bills.  This user friendly brand is defined by the man who...

The Awesome Plight of the Superrich

Having a great fortune can be a tremendous burden, a problem that must be managed. 

The Prince & Pollyanna:The Realities of Life

Jan Stark belongs economically to the upper limit of the middle class. Both of her parents were college professors who invested wisely and were able to retire comfortably.  Jan, no academic dummy, has advanced degrees from Ivy League schools.  Jan’s parents have passed away and left her enough money so she does not have to work.  Not having to work gives her a fairy tale perspective on life. She is exploring her interests: face readings,...