Top Chef Margot Janse

 Top Chef Margot Janse couldn’t turn a blind eye from children who go to school hungry.  Today she helps to feed the local children nearest her and the numbers of children being fed are increasing. Her Charity Isabelo- Feeding Hungry Minds started in 2009, whilst she was at Le Quartier Francais, a Boutique Hotel in Franschhoek. (Food and Wine Heartland outside of Cape Town)


The Doctrine of Fairness

The Doctrine of Fairness: Where the Justices Meet Justice...For better and worse, our Supreme Court is a political institution and not, despite its trappings, a temple of Olympian detachment -- as the Roberts court has amply demonstrated.  The justices play a deadly serious intellectual game in which they deploy arcane legal reasoning to justify imposing their sometimes highly partisan rulings on the rest of us. 

What Writers and Artists Don't Know May Hurt Them

From Colorado: Edith Lynn Beer writes about an entertainment lawyer Steve Replin, who is bullish about protecting the rights of creatives ranging from writers to artists. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

 If I take a look at the people who are in my life—and that includes all of you—then this is the moment when I can express great gratitude. Thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Toward a New Social Contract

The term “social contract” has a deep history in political theory.  Today it generally refers to the implicit bargain that exists in any stable society over social rights and duties, and the division of economic benefits and costs. In the U.S., the social contract has become badly frayed over the past 30 years, as the gap between the rich and the poor has widened to Biblical proportions and an estimated one quarter of our population has sunk into more or less extreme poverty. 

The Sad Plight of the OxyMorons

The dead man splayed on the sidewalk looks ready to be drawn and quartered like an angus cow. Cops are called to pick him up before his corpse starts to stink. One couple is huddled together on the ground in front of a doorway.  The woman lies on the top of the man and sticks a hypodermic needle into his lip. A young black boy, curled into fetal position, is passed-out under a sleeping bag. His baseball cap has fallen off his head and while he appears to be asleep, there is no way to tell if he’s dead, unless you want to touch him and no one wants to do that. Outside the parking garage, spoons, needles and matches are left on the ground like the remnants of a messy supper.  And this is the wealthy part of town.

New York Comedy Festival, Joey Coco Diaz, Ron Bennington, Big Jay and More

You never know who you’re going to run into at New York Comedy Club

Digital Strategy to Feed the Planet

In the early days of personal computers one of the selling points was the idea of keeping recipes on file, stored on the PC or a floppy disc. Ordered, retrievable, easily cross-referenced by ingredients, making it easy to make a shopping list and to follow the directions.  No more tattered papers, no more lost recipes folded or stored in a book somewhere.