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February 14, 2012
How to Bounce Back After Multiple LayoffsHow to Bounce Back After Multiple Layoffs Take these key steps to get yourself rehired By Dana ... More

Sally Haver

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Sally Haver is a senior sales/marketing professional and career management consultant with a broad-based business background encompassing human resources consulting services, recruitment, university placement, advertising/marketing, and show business. At The Ayers Group, in her 19th year of service, Ms. Haver adeptly leverages her wide range of corporate senior contacts, combined with excellent writing and platform presentation skills, to the bottom-line benefit of her firm. She is known in the field as a competitive, persistent, highly creative contributor who teams and mentors with a generosity of spirit.
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Title:  Expert in Career Management and Staffing
Occupation:  Senior Vice President of Business Development, The Ayers Group
Industry:  Human Resources
Sub-Industry:  Career Management and Staffing
Experience Area:  Sally Haver is an SVP, Business Development with The Ayers Group/Career Partners International, a division of Kelly Services. She has been with the firm for 19 years, 12 of them delivering career management services to the key executive population. Prior experience as Director of Alumni Placement, The New School; President, Monterey Music, Inc. (commercial music production); Account Executive at an advertising agency; and an early career in show business (on-camera principal in NBC children’s series).

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    Resume Revamp Feb 14, 2012 Excerpt from “Media Bistro”

    Now that you have a resume that reflects a number of short-term jobs, you may think that any HR director would immediately banish it to the bottom of the applicant pile. Thankfully, that just isn’t how it works.

    “These days, it’s entirely possible that an employee has two or three short-term jobs at the top of his resume as a result of mergers, acquisitions, reductions in force, or budget cuts,” said Sally Haver, senior vice president of The Ayers Group/Career Partners International. “[You] can address the choppy chronology either in the cover letter or in one sentence per job

    For example: ABC International, May-December, 2011
    Fashion Editor (ABC International was acquired in December by XYZ Corp. and my job was eliminated.) DEF, Inc., 2009-2010
    Style Editor (DEF, Inc. downsized the editorial department in 2010.)

    Read about what Sally Haver has to say in New York Women in Communications Spring/Summer 2011 edition of ConNect Magazine

    “Aegism in the Job Market: Three Ways to Beat the Odds” by Michele Hush

    Sally Haver, senior business development executive at The Ayers Group, a leading outplacement firm, offers three tips that can help older job-hunters beat the odds.

    1.“Make sure your knowledge of technology, what the market wants for your industry and function, is up to speed,” Haver said, “and then feature this in your résumé.” The reason: Hiring managers think older workers can’t do technology; this “separates the sheep from the lambs!”

    2. “When you create your résumé, feature your most recent job or two and then have a cut-off date.” Haver suggested using a subhead, such as “Jobs Held Prior to 1995,” and under it, listing a few past positions with titles but nodates. Also, leave out the year you graduated college “unless you went back later to complete your degree,” she added. The reason: This obscures your age well enough to get you in the door on the strength of your résumé.

    3. “Include, if you have it, participation in active sports, especially if you’re competitive in them.” The reason: You want to show the prospective employer you are healthy, active and vigorous.

    Here is a tip to improve your networking    May 27 2011

    “ A lot of people figure that coming back from a networking opportunity with just one contact makes it a failure, but my hour with one good contact makes it a success.” – Sally Haver, Senior Vice President, The Ayers Group, New York City